Attract More Business With Effective Engaging Video Marketing
PKTRS, based in Bournemouth, covers Dorset, Hampshire, London and the South East.

Talking Head Videos

A simple way to promote your company is to have a representative talking directly to camera about your products or services, supported by animated graphics.

Product Videos

Product Videos are ideal when you have a new product you want to promote or a product that requires a certain amount of information to help it to sell.

Promotional Videos

Custom Promotional Videos can include several elements designed to suit your individual requirements. We can include ‘Talking Head’ and ‘Product’ video formats, Time Lapse, Slow Motion or other techniques.

Promotional Videos

Producing Promotional Videos involves a wide range of skills and styles to convey the image and message of your company. We work with you to create an original marketing video which is ideally suited to your needs.

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